Q: What can I do to start learning how to trade?


There is a lot you can do, that’s a pretty tough question to answer in one swoop. As far as first steps, I would recommend starting by learning the basics. Actually learn what the stock market is, how it works, and its basic terminology. Most of this information can be acquired through books or the internet. Learn the basic lingo, what a limit and market order is, what a brokerage is and how to fund an account, how to read a chart, what candlesticks are, quotes, etc. With this just being the tip of the iceberg, hopefully you get the idea there is a lot to learn and even a lot to start with and the best way to begin is through learning and practicing. That is why I always recommend paper trading (trading with fake money) for at least 3-6 months, even longer especially if you are new. But I would say start with that and stay up to date with this forum and when you are ready to move forward ask anyone on here!


Q: Whats your email, Im interested in learning more about your program?


I usually get irritated by this question when people ask me this because my email and means of contact is pretty clearly displayed anywhere you would find me, the forum, or The Trading Fraternity. Anyways,just so you have it, you can contact me directly at tradingfraternity@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to apply. If you want to learn more about the program, as well as myself, I recommend you read everything on this forum and watch all of our youtube videos at youtube.com/thetradingfraternity. Specifically here is the most informative video in my oppinion that explains, amongst other things, how pledging works and how the CITIZEN package works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux64eTfW7Bw.

If you watch all these videos and still have questions, feel free to email me or contact anyone else on the forum or even reply to this thread!


Q: Can you fund my business?


No. I have worked with many people online but have yet to fund anyone’s business. I am strongly opposed to it, so the answer is simple. If you want to get funding, at least have a business plan and know how to approach someone when asking this question. A good place to discuss something related to this would be in the citizen chat room, or emailing me the appropriate documents!




Q: Hey man give me a good chart that I can invest in today!


No. It is not as simple as that. Anyone who tells you that is hustling you. If you didn’t know, we are not too big of fans of alert services or trade signals. We believe in real trading and really knowing how to trade.

Q: Do you do real Estate?


Yes I do. I encourage you to “do it” as well too! We have a real estate section included in the TTF Chat, so make sure you join that! You can always email me with real estate questions, especially if you are looking to buy or sell a home or get a loan!


Q: How can I learn what you do?


Easy, books and the internet. Obviously with the help of mentors, which I hope you can find here through the brothers and myself! It won’t be easy and will take a lot of time. Stay away from any penny stocks of forex Gurus or anyone selling “insert hours here” day trading system DVD’s and chatroom.


Q: Hows it going? I want to ask you some questions


I am not really a fan of small talk. It might sound rude, but I really don’t want to hear about your day or spend time sending messages saying “sup” back and forth. So if you want to ask me something, get to it. If you really looked through all the information provided on my youtube and website and I can’t provide a link to your answer, then feel free to email me with your questions. Even better, the best way to ask me questions is through the weekly citizen webinars we hold, you can directly ask me whatever want, so if you really have a question you want answered, that’s your opportunity!


Q: Teach me I have extra money I want to learn


Well that’s great that you have extra money, crucial first step. Unfortunately, that’s not nearly the half of it. Actually, having a little extra money is sometimes what winds many new traders into some extra headaches. A lot of people think that all they need is money to be successful, and although it is true it takes money to make money, you got to understand that having money won’t save you. Lets just say this, trouble is attracted to shiny things. Fortunately, all you gotta do is show discipline and not let having a little extra money wind you into trouble by trading before you are ready or making investments you don’t quite fully understand. So the best place to start is by not trading real money and starting out paper trading and getting a proper trading education. I will be able to teach you, but you will need to be able to show patience and discipline. If you can, then it will be no problem.


Next, if you want to begin learning with me and apply for a pledge class, while you wait, I strongly advise you join the citizen program and go through our learning center so you can get the basics down and hit the ground running when you start with us. Further, it will allow you access to the chat and weekend webinars which will give you the ability to ask the brothers and I questions and give us a chance to get to know you!


Q: Do you have tips for day trading?


Ya I do!!! Don’t daytrade. Next question.


But seriously, don’t day trade is my advice. Why do I say that? Because statistically most day traders lose. Do you think billionaires like Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn day trade? No chance. You maximize your chances by holding longer than a day. Now its not to say that anyone in the Trading Fraternity or myself don’t or haven’t daytraded, but we do acknowledge it is not the best approach to building real wealth and actually making money. If you really want to daytrade, just pump your brakes, don’t get sucked into the glamour of “working from home” “being your own boss” “No 9-5” lifestyle and scalping small moves with huge risk. You will notice, the only people really successful at daytrading and using technical analysis day trading strategies are the ones who sell the services. Why? Because they have people following their plays to influence stocks. Don’t get caught up in the hype. At the very least, if you want to trade and not be stuck waiting for years at a time to open and close a position, look into swing trading. Which is basically just holding positions from anywhere to a couple days to months and maybe even years if you like, but it goes beyond just buying and selling in the same day and scalping, which I do not recommend


Q: How come you dont have pictures of your face and just your hand?


I am very self conscious ( if you couldn’t tell by me overcompensating with supercars).


Kidding, there is actually a real reason behind this, I planned to make a video about this since I often get asked this question on my youtube too. Beyond enjoying my privacy, which I really do enjoy, I don’t show my face for several reasons.


First, The Trading Fraternity is not just about me or one person, it is about a family of brothers and sisters united under a common goal of financial success. I did not intend nor do I ever want The Trading Fraternity to have a culture of following one man or creating a group of people to be followers. To the contrary actually, when I sought out to create The Trading Fraternity I intended to create and teach a group of freethinkers. I want people to think for themselves and challenge myself even, as well as the entire world around them! This wouldn’t be possible if we established a culture behind just following one man.


Second, I like to stay humble.


Third, I do it to poke fun at the stock trading/mentoring industry and challenge people’s conventional wisdom.I want to look as sketchy as possible, I want you to question the credibility of me when you see my page, then I want you to ask yourself  why you don’t feel the same way about that penny stock guru or day trading wizard selling trading DVD’s? Let me guess, it’s because he shows you his face, tells you his name, tells you his story, shows you his success and even VERIFIES his trading history, and has thousands of positive reviews and even a couple of millionaire students. These guys are the real deal huh? Man they pretty much have to be, all these things are so credible it outweighs everything else. So what if they have a criminal records for manipulating stocks, admit that they’re awful traders, or that they make more money from selling DVDs and subscriptions than actually trading stocks. Who cares if all the testimonials are from people you have no idea who they are and have never seen them, the site to review trading services and to verify their trading profits, is owned by the same guy who claims he is the most verified and transparent trader, zero conflict of interest right? Ok maybe a little weird, but what about the millionaire students? Considering these Furus have somewhere around 70,000 to 100,000 people who have purchased their dvds and been through their programs, 3 people becoming millionaires really shows the efficacy of the program right? 3/70,000= .00004285714 great success rate, you should put your money and future into that! No brainer!


Hopefully you get the point right now, Just because people show you their face and names and track records, doesn’t mean they aren’t shady or hiding something from you or misrepresenting something. Best place to hide is in plain sight. Actually the worst criminals will smile in your face and steal your money. What did you expect them to do? Present themselves as “Hi, I am a scammer” “I am selling snake oil and my program won’t really give you results”. They are shady, you should expect them to try to come off as “professional” or “legitimate” as possible, they would be pretty crappy scammers if they didn’t. That’s how I like to mock them and the people that buy into this nonsense, by being legitimate as possible but looking as illegitimate as possible. I know what I offer and the results speak for themselves, I do not need to try to look legit or attract people. Either I am legitimate and what everyone has to say about me is true or I am just a bad scammer 😉

Doing this, hopefully I can open some people’s eyes and challenge some people’s ideals as to what will make them question something. Will you only question something if it looks sketch? If it doesn’t look sketch you don’t question it? All someone has to do is meet “conventional norms” for you not to raise any red flags? You get my point?


Q: How can I join The Trading Fraternity?


Joining The Trading Fraternity is simple….kinda.

Although there is only a few simple steps to join, they are pretty in depth and take a lot of time. With each pledge class being 3 months, if you apply between classes, you will need to wait until the next class to join.


But simply, to begin, go to TheTradingFraternity.com and read the info on the site. Towards the bottom of the page, there will be a place to request an application. Fill that box out and make sure all your information is correct and you will be good to. Once you request an application, you will get an application emailed to you within 24 hours.


If you are having issues receiving your application or cannot access the website, simple send an email to tradingfraternity@gmail.com with the subject “application request” and we will send you and application.


The next step is to fill out the application and get it back as soon as possible. Given the application is very long and intensive, it may take some time to fill out. Despite that however, we still expect the application to be returned back in a timely manner, which will ultimately benefit you as applications are processed on a first come first serve basis and applicants who apply early are more likely to get group interview spots. Further, the application goes very in depth and is personal, we expect you to fill out the application to the best of your abilities and to put thought and effort into your responses. If you do not feel comfortable answering questions on the application, simply do not answer them, however chances are you will automatically be declined as we expect everyone to go through the same process and if someone is really committed to this, then such basic info shouldn’t matter. If you are sketched out, just known almost a thousand people have filled out applications, just over 100 have been accepted, and 0 incidents of us mishandling that info.


Once we receive your application, we will review and process it. During this time we look over your application and decide if you will be a fit for us. As we start with a basic criteria and whittle it down from there, many people make it past the next step. After you send in your application though, please expect to wait anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for a response depending on when you submit your application in relation to where we are at in the current pledge class. Jan-Feb April-May Aug-Sep  Nov-Dec are starting months of the pledge classes, we will be posting a definite schedule on our website shortly. In the meantime, we strongly recommend you become a TTF citizen while you wait, so that you can begin learning with us and and so that we can start getting to know you.


If we like your application, the next step is the group interview, we will send you information on how to join your group interview. We usually hold 2 main group interviews to house all the applicants. We try to do them towards the end of the week. Try to attend these group interviews as 90% of pledges are selected from these first interviews. If we have more than 2 main interviews or need to reschedule that option may be available, however given we select people on a first come first serve basis, all the spots are usually filled by the time we get to reschedules. So try to attend the first ones! Like I said, if we like you, we will send you the info on how to join and all you got to do is register and join on the given date. Group interviews usually happen 2-4 weeks prior to a new pledge class beginning! The group interview is a fun and interesting process to say the least. Some would say its an un organized clusterfest. It kind of is and that’s how we like it. You will be placed in a group interview with about 50-100 other people and will be asked questions and be expected to answer. Sounds difficult right? It is. We do this to not only test and get to know applicants, but also relay all pertinent information at once and see how receptive you are in a group setting. Some people like it, some people don’t, unfortunately if the group interview doesn’t work for you, you probably won’t work for us!


After the group interview, upon following the instructions at the end of the group interview, we will select who we like. It usually takes us about 2 weeks to fully accept everybody and form our waitlist. We select the 20 most qualified students and also keep a waitlist of 15 people just incase. If you do not get in you can always appeal our decision by contacting us! When you get accepted you will receive an acceptance email with an introductory packet and a phone call by me personally! We will finalize everything and you will be fully accepted from there and ready to start!


As you can see, pretty simple, but pretty complex in its own way. It is a long process and will take time, this type of patience is required to be successful at trading anyways so hopefully you have it. Always best to apply early and stay up to date with my posts and act on any information regarding the pledge class when you are applying. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact one of the brothers or I. Like i said earlier, I can’t stress it enough how valuable it is to become a ttf citizen before pledging, as I much prefer accepting citizens as I have already built a rapport with them and know they are on the same page as me. So please, if you are really dedicated show me by becoming a citizen while waiting to pledge, all citizen payments get applied to your tuition, so if you seriously plan on sticking with trading and The Trading Fraternity, you have nothing to lose.


Q: Would you like to buy advertisements for your page?


No I would not thank you, please do not send me offers to promote with you, I am really cheap and don’t like spending money. If you would like to collaborate or give me free promotion or in exchange for teaching, that is another story.


Q: Can you teach me what you do?


Yes I can teach you what I do and how I do it and all the while I can show you live how I do it thanks to technology. But if you really want to learn everything, that’s going to take time, so if you ask me if I can teach you, its better for me to ask can you put in the time to learn and be a good student? Further, on the other side of things, I do a lot of things so the more you want to learn from me, the more you are going to need to put in. The best part about all that though is that you decide your destiny and you can learn well beyond just stocks with me. If you want to learn real estate, private equity, marketing, how to form a business, or anything related to business in these matters, you can learn those as well. So to end this rant. Yes I can teach you, now answer my above question.


Q: Do you charge monthly?


Yes and No. Obviously I have a lot of free videos and blog posts (coming soon)  However, we do have private content that our monthly members, which we call TTF Citizens, have access to along with the brothers and pledges. The Citizen program not only includes access to special content, but also gives people access to our daily chat room that is shared by the brothers and pledges, the weekly newsletters that cover our plays from the week, what went down, earnings, and what we are looking for next week. The citizen also includes daily videos that are posted privately on our database. Finally, citizens also get a webinar once a week, on Sundays, hosted by me where I go over the newsletter and any questions people may have. So this is the monthly service that we charge for. We used to give scholarships for this program however we no longer do so, what we do so instead is apply ones citizen payments towards their tuition if they get accepted.


On the other side of things, we have the pledge class which we also charge for. Given this is a more in depth and hands on program that has a bigger picture goal in mind, we work pricing on a case by case basis although we have a base tuition price, and do give out scholarships, both partial and full, for qualified students who demonstrate a clear financial need.


Q: If you are so rich and successful why would you have a $29 a month service?


Because I like money just as much as you do, and it will probably be better off in my hands than you spending it on some penny stocks or forex. All jokes aside, we charge because these services cost money to provide. Beyond the time I must put into this alone, it costs money to host webinars that can hold everyone, it costs money to send out mass emails and host a chat that can have thousands of people and a mobile app, and it costs money to hire people to spend their time and manage these services. Best yet, if you are good at something, you should charge for it. Although we have a bigger mission in mind of bringing low cost stock education to the masses, we cannot just give it away as people will take it for granted and even worse people will exploit the material. Further, given the program is so intensive and provides live support and webinars, we are charging awfully little for awfully a lot, especially considering other services which do not go to the same extent as we do to teach their students, or even teach relevant material. Beyond these fundamental reasons as to why we charge, on a more principled level if a student isn’t willing to commit $30 to their education, they are not serious about learning or they do not respect their education enough. If they can’t afford it that’s one thing, but even then they should still reach out ask for a scholarship but still try to save to afford and understand that if they can’t scratch up $30 a month to learn how to trade, they have a lot more saving to do before they can actually trade and that the first step they need to take is saving enough money to be able to comfortably afford a class which means you can comfortably afford to trade. Finally, the biggest reason is that people place little value on things that are given for free, I want people to take my time seriously as well as their education, put your money where your mouth is Mr. “I’ll be the best student and I’m so dedicated”


Q: I need some help/mentoring on how and where to invest


You have came to the right place. Obviously I am going to recommend myself and The Trading Fraternity, however there are many resources online to learn how to trade stocks. Unfortunately however, there are a lot of “mentors” too, a lot of which are fakes and frauds that teach bs strategies that revolve around risky assets or snake oil technical analysis strategies. I recommend you look to trusted sources and use sites like investopedia and thinkorswim to begin learning and paper trading. Obviously too, use the free videos and articles I provide and ask questions if you are unclear on anything. Although I mentor people myself, I did self teach myself everything about stocks, but I did still have a mentor! Point is, start learning now and use free resources and just start learning the basics and if you think you are ready to be mentored by me, send me an email tradingfraternity@gmail.com


Q: Hello brother I would like to join TTF, is there a waiting list or something like that? honestly I don’t have too much money but I really want to learn.


If you scroll up you can find the full process on how to join TTF! There is a waiting list and a general waiting period between pledge classes so be prepared to learn. As further explained within this FAQ it does not matter if you do not have enough money as we provide scholarships. However, if you do not have enough money, even to the point where you are struggling to get by, trading might not be the best for you right now and should never be looked at or used as a vehicle to get out of a tough financial situation. This is an investment vehicle and you shouldn’t try to speculate to make some quick cash. If you don’t have enough money, keep what money you have, start learning the basics and trading with fake money and keep saving till you have enough money, simple!


Q: can you teach me things?

Only if you are willing to learn. Doesn’t apply to lazy, greedy, impatient, or undedicated people. If you are not one of those things, I have many things to teach you about money, the stock market, real estate, business, entrepreneurship, and marketing!




Q: Are you a stock or forex trader?


I am a stock trader who trades stocks and options. I do not trade Forex and strongly advise that you don’t either. Here is my video on why I think Forex is a scam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiP639WCG5g

I will also link my thread on why Forex is a scam once it is completed!

If you trade Forex now, I am sorry, hopefully we can turn you from the dark side and you can use some of that knowledge for good! If you are new to forex and trading in general and are still deciding on which to pursue, STAY FAR AWAY FROM FOREX and look into trading options instead!


Q: Hey I would love to be taught by you!


I would love to teach you! Really though, I love when people are excited to learn and reach out. If you want me to teach you, please fill out an application and follow all the steps to be considered to pledge. Pledging is the first step of direct mentorship teaching with me. If you really are serious about learning from me, you can start the TTF Citizen program in the meantime until you are able to pledge and can begin learning the basics and coming to the chat, webinars and reviewing the private video library!


Q: Can you help me learn how to trade? Which program is this you need?


As you see I get this question a lot and the answers are all the same, of course I can teach you, as long as you are willing to learn and have the right qualities that make someone successful. As far as which program you need to trade, you don’t need any really. Although I use a program to trade, Etrade Pro, and many others do, you can trade without a program, which is called a “platform”, Really the only thing you need to trade beyond the knowledge and money is a brokerage to put your money into and execute your trades. If you are in the United States or Canada that shouldn’t be a problem, anywhere else internationally really depends. Although modern technology has allowed it to where almost anyone can trade from anywhere, I have little experience with such fields so I can’t really answer this question to its fullest.


Q: I need business idea/s. what did you do to become a millionaire?? Help me and I promise you won’t regret it


One, use the business ideas in my videos and use our chat to talk with other people about money making ideas and so I can see you ideas!


But I am sure I won’t regret it, I usually don’t when I help people, but I will if you waste my time, that will just piss me off. But as far as what I did to become a millionaire? I started early and young, that’s one crucial thing. Second, I was willing to do what others weren’t willing to do and that was with everything from studying stocks instead of going out, to starting to think about my future and planning for it early on. I did many different entrepreneurial things to make money and found my niche buying and selling stuff from china and other things on the internet. I would just flip stuff on craigslist. I did that to get starting capital, along with investments along the way since I was 14 and even flipping my first house at 18 with the money saved from e commerce and money saved that grew from stocks throughout the years. Finding early success with these endeavours as well as some other ones early on, allowed me to network with some powerful people when I was 18-19 which allowed me to meet my  mentor which took my game to the next level and allowed me to work on a bigger level corporate scale and implement my talents and hone my skills!


Q: I saw your site so how can I make money with you? You teach, you do it live once a day or you send signals out?


Awesome, that answer is easy, you can make money with me by learning and educating yourself. Ironically enough though, The Trading Fraternity isn’t really so much about making money as it is learning. Let me rephrase that, if you are looking to make quick cash, this isn’t the place for you and neither are the financial markets. If you are looking to learn how to build wealth and aren’t in a dire rush or need of survival, this is the right place for you.


I do teach an I do do it live everyday! We do not believe in signals, and for your own benefit I suggest you don’t look for or entertain the idea of signals as a legitimate way to build wealth. But as far as my teachings go they are everyday live during market hours, from open to close, and you are allowed to attend those teachings and watch if you are a brother or a pledge. If you are a citizen you can only attend the live chat during market hours, and a live webinar on the weekend which obviously isn’t during market hours.


Q: Whats up josh. I did an application to the fraternity a few weeks ago and never got any word back, I’m trying to learn from you.


Sorry for the delay! But chances are you sent your application in between pledge classes which means it will take time for your group interview. Just sit back and be patient and understand that the longest wait will be 3 months! In the meantime, if you are eager to begin learning with us right away, remain active on this forum and become a TTF Citizen!


Q: I wanna start looking back into trading and want to know what steps you suggest I take next, thanks!


Assuming the context of this means you once traded and are getting back into trading, that’s awesome. I also assume you probably stopped trading since you initially failed or didn’t quite understand what you are doing. It really doesn’t matter the reason, but it is good you are looking to get back into trading. What I will say though, is I must ask if you plan on quitting this time around? Or better put, is quitting an option this time around? Because if it is, I would suggest you don’t even pick it up. If you want to get back into trading after failing or falling out, it will be a humbling experience and you might need to shake a few bad habits. You got to have a new found commitment to learning and mastering the skill set and be willing to adapt and learn so the same thing that made you quit the first time doesn’t happen again.


That being said, I suggest you really analyze why you stopped trading to begin with and make sure the issue is cleared up and won’t stop you again. If you can figure that out, you can get back to refreshing the basics, depending on your prior knowledge you can go about learning the right way. To do that, obviously you need to follow the right methods and follow the right teacher, but also identify where you went wrong the first place and use those as the starting points. From there, start learning and obviously for the 1000th time stay connected with us and learn the proper way and avoid speculation, keep learning and take things slow and once you feel you are ready, don’t trade. Set up a paper trading account and don’t start trading until you can be consistently profitable with fake money for at least 3 months. If you can be entrusted with a little you can be entrusted with a lot. If you can’t be profitable with fake money, no point of trying with real money.


Q: How does an llc work?


Well that’s a little bit different of a question, obviously not related to stocks (but kinda of related since corporations are companies and that’s what we are investing in). As you see from all the content we put out we have a business section in our real estate chat where you can discuss about entrepreneurship and business related things, and this is definitely one of them. But a LLC is a limited Liability Corporation, and this is one method to creating your own company if you do not want to act as a sole proprietor aka as an individual. Pretty much this allows you to form a company and act under it, and all payments and taxes go through the company instead of you the business owner personally.This is not only good for taxes, but also for liability, which is why it is called a Limited Liability corporation, since it also means you can’t be held responsible for the business’s debts or legal judgements. This comes in handy, ask Donald Trump! But in a nutshell a LLC is forming a company and it comes with some advantages and disadvantages. I recommend you make one if you are looking to start a business! Making an LLC is very simple and all you need is a simple google search, although I will be posting a guides in the private video library.. But all you need to do is find your state’s secretary of state and find the directions on the site and follow the appropriate steps and file with your secretary of state. Once you are filed, you will get something mailed back for your records and to submit for your final step and then you will be good to go! Just make sure you pay your yearly corporation taxes! It should take no more than 4 weeks to set up and cost more than $100, most cost between $25-75.


Q: Hey man lets talk business and trading


Lets just get this out of the way now, please do not private message me for small talk. If you want to do business with me, please keep small talk to the minimum and get to the point. If you really want to talk business with me, or even trading, and want to show me you have an ounce of seriousness in you, come to more than 3 webinars in a row, stay active in the chat and forum and then I will take you seriously. I know why all the work or seriousness if you just “want to talk”? But the thing is I have a lot of people who want to talk to me and also do business so I do not have any time to waste, make both our lives easier!

That being said, if you want to talk business or trading, you know what you got to do, and if you are reading this on the website you are in the right place. At the very least if you want to talk business and trading, ask me a trading question, real estate question or a sensible business question.


Q: So what does it take to get started? I am not stock market savvy, if you could navigate me as to what paper stocks and why not penny stocks? please and thank you


That’s a pretty broad question to answer as there are many things it takes to get started and many different angles to start from. It will take a real commitment and longer than 12 months if you reasonably expect to be able to gain the ability to be a consistently profitable trader. It will take at least $2,000 if you want a fighting chance. It will take a basic understanding of complex situations.


As far as being market savy, you don’t need to be, but you will need quite the attention span to learn. Developing that real market pulse or sensibility takes time as there’s a lot to take in. Good thing it can be taught. It overall comes with more market knowledge and experience in the market!


As far as “paper stocks”, I assume you are talking about “paper trading” and what that means is trading with fake stocks using fake money, pretty much paper trading is a stock market simulator. Paper stocks are fake stocks. I always suggest paper trading for several months before ever placing a real trade!


Q: If I invest 2k in options how much do you think I can make per month?  how much are your profit % month? Also do you accept clients in options trading? If so how much do you charge? do you have a portfolio in options trading that I can see?


I will tell you this now, if you are trying to trade options to make a certain amount per month, you are in trouble. Also, trying to determine an amount you will make monthly using the minimum amount I recommend with no experience I assume, it is a pretty case by case answer. Nonetheless, let me make it easier for you, don’t expect to make money for 6-12 months when you first begin. If you don’t like that, go somewhere else or go against my advice and gamble your money away. As far as my profits, those vary too! Some months I will make a few thousand, some months I will lose a few thousand and some months will be monster and I will earn anywhere from $20-200k in a month. Don’t expect to do that though starting out, I have been doing this for 10 years and have a way larger account than you. Granted I trade live using an account that is typically between $25,000 and $50,000, I have way more than that so some of my trades may not be best or realistic for you so it’s not as if my profits will always directly correlate your success. As far as “clients” I do not trade for people, however I do teach people how to trade, letting them watch me trade live while mentoring them. This is where I teach people and they can view all my plays and my entire option portfolio! Price varies for the full daily program and is based upon applicant quality and financial need. The other option we have is $29 a month, our citizen program, and that is daily and weekly learning material, which is access to our daily chat and daily market recap videos, and a newsletter once a week that is followed by a live webinar that I personally host!


Q: Hey do you help with binary trading?


No I do not. I suggest you don’t trade binary options either. Glad you are looking into options, but you should stay away from binaries. Use the knowledge of contracts for good. Why are binary options bad? Because they are the devil.


Q: Teach me your ways Im ready to learn and do what it takes to become financially stable. How may I become part of the group and learn to grow?


Glad to hear! Hopefully you mean it! It takes more than people think sometimes. But to join The Trading Fraternity, simply request an application by going to our website or emailing me, and following the instructions from there. This question is answered more in depth above!


Q: What can I expect when joining> and how much to join?


You can expect to be challenged and presented with lots of new information. Depending on your level of seriousness and what program of ours you are in, you can expect daily content and live support. Read above for whats included and how much to join.


Q: Hey josh interested in doing a shoutout for shoutout?


Not really. I do not like to promote. I would not mind promotion though. Hypocritical right? Lol I think its pretty reasonable. But I am not against giving shoutouts, If I see your page, like it, and believe in what you are doing I will give you a shoutout, if I genuinely want to shout you out that is.


Q: Hey Man how much do you recommend to get started> I have experience trading but I want to take it to a different level. Also, how much would it be to have you as my mentor?


I have a video adressing that right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux64eTfW7Bw

But generally my minimum is $2k and the way I see it the more you start with the better from a psychological standpoint. But the video explains everything. If you want to take it to the next level, it will require a lot and even making sure you have completed the first level. If you are already having success, it may be a simple small tweaks you are missing to take it there. If you haven’t been successful trading, taking it to that next level may require forgetting everything you think you. As far as pricing for mentorship, you can read above in this FAQ for all the details on pricing and the entire pledge class. There is a base tuition rate, however we do provide scholarships to applicants that demonstrate a high likelihood of success and clear financial need.


Q: How did you first start learning about trading?


Well this is a great question and I can probably give you a really long answer on this. Since I want to write a book one day and this will be a big part, I will give you the short version. I started at the age of 14. My brother introduced me to Jim Cramer and put me on to his famous phrase of “watch TV and get rich”. He told me that people watch this guys show, he talks about a stock, and then everybody gets rich. With that premise being somewhat true, I was fascinated and hooked. That is when my brother bought me my first trading book that taught me the basics and that book is Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money: Watch TV and get rich”. I read that book during independent reading my freshmen year of highschool and within 3 months I had a brokerage account funded. I paper traded for a couple months after that to get a hang of it and after I was consistently profitable paper trading I moved onto trading live. All the while though leading up to all this, while first learning how to trade, after I finished the first book, I kept reading more and more books and started familiarizing myself with the basic terminology and just fundamental basics of the stock market and its history. As I grew up I learned more about business and real estate and started actively pursuing those and higher education, I learned more and more about economics and businesses and this translated into understanding stocks better. Above all though, year after year, actively participating in the market is what ultimately led me to get where I am today!


Q: Can you please recommend me which literature I could use to learn basics?


Yes I can!


Richest Man In Babylon – George Clayson

Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

Strangest Secret in the world – Earl nightingale




Also check the books section in the chat and in the private video library!


Q: what do I have to do for you to teach me how to trade?

Nothing too much really. Just request an application, fill it out, get it back as soon as possible and follow the steps from there. Be willing to work hard and also be willing to change, both mentally and everywhere else in your life. Read the steps above to find out more info on how to join.


Q: I have followed you for awhile, I was wondering if you ever sponsored students? I have an intense passion to succeed in life, I love the stock market and have always been fascinated with business.


Very very glad to hear you have been following me for a while, I really do appreciate all those who have supported me and my mission over the years. On a similar but separate note, thank you for asking this question because it also lets me touch on a point I wanted to address. It always wondered me why some people have followed me for so long, sometimes years, they go watch all my stuff, go to my free webinars, talk to me on twitter, but will never join the chat or send in an application to pledge. Some people have told me it is because of the money, which is why I am glad you asked if we sponsor students. Regardless of the reason, I just want to know why lol I know I am weird, but just tell me why and we will give you a scholarship lol


But to answer the question simply, yes we have sponsored a countless amount of students since we began. I am glad you have an interest and are motivated, that will take you far as long as you can maintain it overtime. Anyways though, just reach out to me, let me know what’s up, let me get to know you and don’t worry if money is the only thing stopping you, hit me up and let’s chat.


Q: Teach me, I have what it takes to be a cake bosss, I just need proper guidance.


I don’t know what a cake boss is sorry. But It sounds like something you should get out of your head. I noticed a weird trend, the people who get into trading stocks for the fancy cars or things or to be a baller are usually the ones in who are in and out the quickest. But read this FAQ in its entirety and that should get you started on your path or at least how to get started within The Trading Fraternity.


Q: Hey I’m about to be 26 and at my age i’ve been saving and in at the point where I wanna put money where my mouth is. Does your product show a young guy like myself that doesn’t know the markets about stocks and how to trade?


Very good to hear my friend, it sounds like you have hopefully completed the step most people come to me without completing and that is saving up. I know you want to put your money where your mouth is and get started right away, but still, be easy and take your time. As long as you have capital saved you will be good to go, and if you can add to that all the while you are learning even better. As far as what our “product” can show you, a lot most likely. We can definitely show you how to trade and you will be one step ahead coming in with a comfortable savings and or comfortable job! As said in the last few answers, just read this FAQ in its entirety and it should explain everything about us and how to join.


Q: Do you have any tips on how to start a film business??


I do, be careful and be realistic. Before I continue you though, I got to give a plug to the chat and video library for this question and advise you check check them out, read the articles there and even ask this question there. As far as tips though, seriously be careful. The Film industry is very tough to be profitable in and involves a high amount of speculation. It is very hard to achieve success without working with anyone who has had success in the industry. That being said it will be crucial to get someone with experience or a reputation on board, which leads to the most important part, funding! You will need a lot of money to get quality people on your team so beyond having a quality product to work one, when you set out looking to start your company, your budget and source of funds should be a very important matter so focus on that. Next make sure you have a good legal team or access to legal advice, and above all, be very careful who you work with! Just like almost every other industry there are a lot of people in the film industry that claim they can do a lot and end up just being frauds looking to make a quick buck, be very careful with whom you select as partners and what makes you decide to work with someone.